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About Me

My Background


Samira Willson, RDH; MIM, was born and raised in NYC.  She has been in Marin County since late 2001.  She is a mother and lives by the water in Sausalito.   Her undergraduate degrees are in Dental Hygiene (A.A.S 1992) and in Women's Health Issues (B.S. 1996).  She was also trained and licensed as an Emergency Medical Technicial (EMT) in NYC (1987).  She was the honored recipient of the John Smith Fellowship award and the American Dental Hygiene Association award for Excellence and graduated at the top of her class.  She currently treats individuals and families in a holistic dental practice.   

Samira loves working with people and is a certified Medical Intuitive (2015), Reiki Master (2003) and Feng Shui Consultant (2002).  

My Hobbies


Her interests include writing, meditating, crafting, teaching and singing. She be found singing soothingly to her patients and often gets intuitive information in song.

She has traveled extensively: visiting 43 states, 48 countries/territories and 6 continents. Her project this coming year is to visit the remaining 7 states,  round up the countries she's seen to 50 and add Italian to the 3 languages she already speaks.


My Favorite Things


I love asking others what they love about thier lives as it reminds me to celebrate that and focus on the positive joys and abundant gifts that I have.  My ongoing project, "Love Letters" is a book, started the week after 9/11, where she invites others to celebrate what they love about life.  Feel free to email what you love about your life and add to the collection of gratitude.