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Feng shui

Samira visits clients in their home or place of business to identify problems in that person's life based on on how he or she keeps their spaces.   House clearing and energetic intention setting can also be done remotely.  Visits include include elemental, sound and classic feng shui remedies, based on the energetic requirements of the space.

A person's home or business environment is very revealing of how that person addresses the issues in his or her life.

$500 per 2 hour consultation 

$200 each additional 

(excluding travel time and extras)

Medical Intuition

With Samira's assistance, the client is helped to release blocked areas in thier lives that may be physical, mental and/or spiritual in nature. 

This may be accomplished by using various energies including Reiki, light and sound healing.  Depending on what is called for, Samira uses the individual's internal subtle energy and external universal energy sources while maintaining the utmost integrity, ethics and healthy boundaries. 

The end result is a path more clear of  obstruction once again, bringing the body back into balance.

$200 per hour session

$25 for recording the session

Dental Healing

Samira practices compassionate dental hygiene in an holistic dental office in Mill Valley.   Feel free to reach out to her to request specific healings around trauma that is stored in the mouth.  The mouth is the portal to the entire body.  Often times trauma and negative experiences that are related to teeth, jaw and gums can be supported with an energetic focus on clearing and restoring an energetic balance. 

Trauma can eminate from dental history that is hereditary, karmic, familial or physical/emotional in nature.

$200 per hour for  inital consultation   

*Dental Healing  requires multiple sessions

3 hour minimum $600

 5 hours (recommended) $1000

$25 for recording the session

Upcoming Offerings

Energetically Improving Dental Health: Healing Stored Trauma

Seminar : July 20., 2019

Sausalito, CA

  • This class will cover recognizing and clearing trauma that is stored in the mouth and within specific teeth.
  • Trauma storage and optimal dental heath: including the emotional and physical meridians for each tooth.
  • Stages and ages of tooth development and eruption.
  •  Clearing teeth directly and as satellite locations for trauma, including familial, karmic, etc.
  • Root canals, extractions, TMJ, wisdom teeth, decay, floride and amalgam clinical information.
  • Q&A.

This course require completion of the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program, or permission of the Instructor.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Intuitive healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of the all the senses, including intuition, to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body and enviroment, respectively.  Meditiation, visualization and focused thinking are often key components in the intuitive healing process. Aura, chakra and grounded clearing are fundimental aspects to her sessions.  Most areas of focus require the support of more frequent sessions.  

Please inquire about multiple session discounts.

Intial Phone/Email consultations are free.  

Feng Shui Consultation

$500 (~2 hours)

$200 each additional

(excluding travel time and extras)

Medical Intuition

$200 per hour session

$25 for recording the session

Multiple session discounts available

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Consent & FAQs

  • The basic premise of healing is that it is accomplished by grounding one’s spirit in alignment with the physical body.  
  • Some may experience physical sensations during sessions though the practitioner will not physically touch as part of the work.  
  • It is agreed that any physical discomfort or unease will be communicated immediately if it presents in session.  
  • Those seeking services understand that the theory of healing incorporates the premise that personal growth is accomplished through attention to the spiritual aspects of one’s being, including the physical, emotional and psychological processes.  Therefore all of these areas may be addressed in sessions.  
  • There may be a discussion of matters of a deeply personal nature, and that clients have a right to question, dismiss or disagree with statements made by Samira, if they are not comfortable with or do not resonate with them.     
  • Following a session one may feel an increased sense of well-being and may bring about the release of old emotions such as grief, sadness and/or anger as part of the healing process.  
  • The process may also bring to one's attention outdated energetic patterns in their life, including but not limited to, relationships with family, friends and work.